Benefits to Using a Whole Home Diffuser

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Diffusing essential oils and aromatherapy has been growing in popularity over recent years. Many people that use a diffuser to scent their home or experience the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils, typically operate a diffuser in 1 location of the home. Notwithstanding the benefits of the diffuser, have you considered a whole home diffuser for diffusing your essential or fragrance oils?

Essential Oils Offer Great Health Benefits

Essential oils have held a prominent place in traditional medicine around the world. They offer you the concentrated benefits of nature. Modern medicine supports many of the ancient claims made about essential oil benefits. Clove Essential oil is used in many dental medicines and toothpaste based on the characteristics of the oil. A commonly used essential oil for pest control and mosquito control is citronella leaf essential oil.

One Diffuser For The Whole Home

While there can be some benefits to operating an essential oil diffuser in a single room, from my experience, a whole home diffuser makes a lot more sense. Here are a few of the benefits that I came across;

Save Money With A Whole Home Diffuser

The cost of a this type of diffuser is definitely more than a single room diffuser. Once you have bought 3 or 4 diffusers to scatter throughout the house, diffuser for the whole home is more cost-effective though. It may be a bigger one-time investment, but it is most certainly a better long-term investment.

Less Maintenance Needed

With most diffusers used, in homes today, the user needs to fill and add oils every time that they turn the diffuser on. The whole home diffuser uses larger bottles of essential or fragrance oil, requiring less frequent maintenance. With the amount of oil used per time, I only change my oils out every 3-4 months so that I have different scents for the seasons.

This type of diffuser is also programmable, so it automatically turns on and off according to your schedule. This is great if you are diffusing an oil like lavender for example. Lavender oil is known to relax you and will help you sleep deeper and better!

Aromatherapy Distributed Throughout The Whole Home

Rather than placing multiple sources of scent and diffuser throughout the house, the whole home diffuser uses the present air ducts of the home. The air ducts are strategically placed throughout the home to ensure that the home is evenly heated or cooled. The whole home diffuser places the microscopic-sized oil droplets into the air duct system. The HVAC system then distributes the oil evenly through the home making it smell great from one source!

Atomization Versus Ultrasonic

Not all diffusers are alike. The technology and method used to diffuse the oils are very important. A whole home diffuser tends to be an atomizing diffuser. Atomization or nebulizing is the method of breaking down the essential or fragrance oil into microscopic-sized units. Lighter than air, these oil particles freely float throughout the home undiluted. Most diffusers used in homes today dilute the oils. Diluting the oil dilutes the effect of the aromatherapy while using more essential oils. By using an undiluted oil, you can use less and gain greater results!

If you use essential oils for aromatherapy benefits or just to naturally scent your home, consider a diffuser that can scent your whole home. You will love the hassle-free ability to  enjoy your homes scent!


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